How To Use Essential Oils Topically:


Using essential oils topically allows for easy absorption and application directly to the affected areas, sometimes providing immediate help and relief. You can apply essential oils with a roller ball bottle, with a carrier oil, or "neat" (without dilution). Because of the potency of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, certain oils require dilution. Please refer to the label of your Young Living essential oils for dilution ratios.


Placing a Roller Ball on a Bottle of Essential Oil:

1. Unscrew bottle cap and place back on bottle.

2. Use the cap to pop the reducer out of the bottle.

3. Place the roller ball on the bottle and screw it onto the bottle with the cap until you feel it click.


To Remove the Roller Ball:

1. Use the cap to pop the roller ball out of the bottle.

2. Place the reducer on the bottle.

3. Tighten oil bottle cap all the way until it clicks.


Using Oils Topically With a Carrier Oil:

1. Put carrier oil in your hand (we use Young Living's V-6 Vegetable Oil).

2. Add a few drops of essential oil to the carrier oil.

3. Apply to your area of choice.